Three Salmonella Outbreaks Lead to Lawsuits Aimed at Cleaning Up the Food Supply

    Three Salmonella Outbreaks Lead to Lawsuits Aimed at Cleaning Up the Food Supply
    Three Salmonella Outbreaks Lead to Lawsuits Aimed at Cleaning Up the Food Supply

    Salmonella Lawsuits Aimed at Cleaning Up the Food Supply Follow on the Heels of Three Large Salmonella Outbreaks in the United States

    Three major outbreaks of Salmonella have led to numerous lawsuits being filed across the nation.  The largest outbreak was of Salmonella Oranienburg, one of the roughly 2200 serotypes of Salmonella that researchers have identified.  It is a rather rare form of Salmonella and it has been identified in stool samples of at least 800 Victims in the United States.   Last week the national salmonella law firm of Ron Simon filed a lawsuit, with the  Peterson Lawyers in Boise, Idaho, against the first named importer/distributor of onions from Mexico, ProSource Produce LLC, filing the lawsuit in Idaho where the company is headquartered.    The lawsuit was on behalf of a victim who ate onions at a local restaurant and became extremely ill, having to go to the hospital.  According to the law firm who filed the Salmonella  lawsuit,   there are now at least 808 victims, though the real number is likely significantly higher.

    The second major Salmonella outbreak is of Salmonella Thompson, a serotype that has been identified in at least 102 victims who ate frozen fish – all with links to Colorado – that the CDC and FDA, along with local and state health officials, traced to a Denver company.  The Salmonella law firm of Ron Simon also filed the first lawsuit against Northeast Seafood Products, Inc. in Denver, Colorado, with the Denver attorney Dan Lipman of Parker Lipman LLP. The victim in that lawsuit had purchased halibut, cod, and salmon at his local Sprouts Farmers Market.

    The third major Salmonella outbreak , this time linked to salads, is of Salmonella Typhimurium.  It has been liked to BrightFarms Packaged Salad Greens.  According to eh CDC, the 31 victims are all in the Great Lake region of the country, with the most number of victims in Illinois.

    At least 180 victims have been hospitalized in these three outbreaks this year.  According to Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon, “people should have confidence in the food they eat, and we filed these lawsuits for that very reason.  We need to remind food manufacturers to focus on food safety and proper safe food handling guidelines.  We will continue to file lawsuits as necessary until the industry pays attention to the consequences of a failure to do so.”


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