Update on the Cyclospora Fresh Express Bagged Salad Outbreak: Numerous Cyclospora Lawsuits Already Filed

    Fresh Express Cyclospora lawsuit

    Update on the Cyclospora Fresh Express Bagged Salad Outbreak: Numerous Cyclospora Lawsuits Already Filed

                Fresh Express recalled many of their salad products on June 27, 2020, due to a potential contamination of Cyclospora. While some of these products were sold under the brand name Fresh Express, many others have been sold under various other store labels. Consumers should be aware that the latest best-by date for the salad products placed under recall is July 14, 2020; therefore, these products should not be available for purchase any longer. The salad products that were potentially contaminated by Cyclospora include those made with red cabbage, iceberg lettuce, or carrots. If consumers are still in possession of the said products, they should dispose of them.

                A few tips for identifying the recalled products include checking the item’s label for the brand name Fresh Express, ALDI Little Salad Bar, Giant Eagle, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco Signature Farms, ShopRite Wholesome Pantry, or Walmart Marketside, as well as looking for a best-by date that is before or on July 14, 2020. If the consumer is unable to determine if their salad product matches either of these warning signs, it should not be eaten.

                Nearly 700 Cyclospora infections have been reported on account of this outbreak, primarily within the Midwest states. As stated by a National Cyclospora Lawyer, Tony Coveny Ph. D., Cyclospora infections, known as cyclosporiasis, present as typical food poisoning symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea. Symptoms typically begin after 4-6 of consumption, so the CDC expects more reported illnesses in the future due to the recalled salads.”

    The CDC recommends that if you believe you may be infected with Cyclospora, four simple steps should be taken to protect yourself and others. These include, talking to your doctor, writing down everything you have eaten in the past two weeks, reporting your illness to the health department, and assisting public health investigators. The victims of the outbreak should first seek medical help, and then legal help. The consumer plays an important role in their choice of which companies, brands, and corporations they support. Companies which fail to implement processes to protect both their employees and customers, must be held accountable.







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