Salmonella Poona Cucumber Outbreak Growing

Mexican Cucumber Salmonella Poona Outbreak
Mexican Cucumber Salmonella Poona Outbreak Sickens 888

Outbreak Claims Fourth Victim, CDC Says

The nationwide Salmonella Poona outbreak linked to cucumbers continues to grow as the fourth victim has reportedly died from complications of Salmonellosis. In addition to the four deaths, there are now “officially” 838 victims from at least 38 states in this outbreak. And that only counts the number of victims the CDC have verified – thousands of others are presumed to have been sickened by the Salmonella tainted imported Mexican cucumbers, sold in the U.S. The CDC also confirms at least 165 hospitalizations, though again this number is believed to be a very low estimate. The CDC, issuing its most recent update, has indicated that the number of new cases is slowing, noting “the number of reported illnesses has declined substantially since the peak of illnesses in August and September; however, it has not returned to the number of reported illnesses that we would expect to see” which they place at about 25 monthly. The CDC also confirmed that any victims who presented for medical care on or after October 21 are likely not included in the official number due to reporting and tabulation delays.

The first illness was reported on July 3, with the most recent victim identified having become ill as recently as November 1. This comports with the number of calls from victims that continue to pour in to Ron Simon & Associates, who are representing many of the victims, including families of those who have died. The lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates have been taking calls from victims in this outbreak on the Salmonella Cucumber Claim Center line at 1-888-335-4901.

According to the CDC, the victims range in age from infants all the way to one victim of 99 years of age, though over half of the victims are minors, ostensibly due to the popularity of cucumbers as a healthy snack option for children. And while many became ill eating these cucumbers at home, many have also reported to Ron Simon & Associates that they consumed these cucumbers in salads at restaurants.

Lending Perspective to the Salmonella Poona Outbreak

According to Ron Simon, the national food poisoning lawyer representing many of the victims, this is turning out to be one of the largest Salmonella Poona outbreaks on record. In fact, with Connecticut and New Hampshire now reporting cases of Salmonella Poona, the outbreak has now affected people in 38 states, many of which did not receive the bulk packaged cucumbers directly from Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce, the importer, but were recipients of the cucumbers further down in the stream of commerce, as the “American cucumbers” (otherwise known as “slicer cucumbers”) were further disseminated. This, says Simon, may have led to difficulties tracking the product and made the two recalls issued in the wake of the outbreak less effective, leading to many more illnesses than might otherwise have been expected.

Ron Simon, who has set up an Andrew & Williamson Cucumber Salmonella Claim Center at 1-888-335-4901, encourages people who have come into contact with these cucumbers to carefully sanitize their kitchen surfaces, the refrigerators where they were held, and to practice good personal hygiene to prevent the further spread of this dangerous pathogen. Victims who experience the symptoms of food poisoning are also encouraged to seek medical attention immediately.


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