Alabama Department of Public Health Raises to 14 the Number of Confirmed Salmonella Victims Linked to El Patron Restaurant

El Patron Salmonella Lawyer

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) has revised upwards its official count of the number of salmonella victims linked to El Patron restaurant in Russellville, Alabama. As of June 20, 2014, 14 victims have been identified and confirmed in this outbreak. It remains unclear if that number will continue to climb as more and more people find out about the outbreak through the local media, and therefore seek medical attention and report their illnesses, but previous studies demonstrate that the number of victims is likely far greater than 14.

Dr. Karen Landers, an Assistant State Health Officer for ADPH, has confirmed that at least two of the salmonella victims were hospitalized, while also indicating her belief that these two were now out of the hospital and recovering from salmonellosis. All of the victims appear to have consumed food at El Patron on June 4th or 5th in the Russellville area, which is about 100 miles North West of Birmingham, Alabama.

Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon, who has represented literally thousands of salmonella victims, stated “I encourage anyone who ate at El Patron and then got sick earlier this month to seek medical attention and to report their illness to the Alabama Department of Public Health.” Simon explains “knowing who got sick is vital information for the health department, and it helps them track the source of a pathogen like salmonella as well as the reach of a particular outbreak.” By seeking medical attention and being properly tested, you may also preserve important legal rights you might have. For more information, contact one of the food poisoning lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates.


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