Blue Bell Listeria Lawsuits Expected as Recall Expands

Listeria Outbreak from Blue Bell has new FDA reports
Blue Bell Listeria Lawyer

The initial Blue Bell ice cream recall was limited to product that was known to be contaminated with Listeria. Listeria Lawyer Ron Simon predicted that the recall would likely be expanded, and it has been. “The problem,” says Listeria Lawyer Simon, “is that in this outbreak the contamination seems to be wide-spread. Anytime more than one product is affected, and it seems to have been affected for some time, it is likely that a good deal of the rest of the product is in danger of being infected too.” In this case, in addition to the five victims in Kansas, three of whom have since passed, another three victims have been identified in Texas, and those illnesses go back as far as four years. With this sort of pervasive infection, it is hard to predict how wide-spread and ongoing a problem this has been. And Listeria makes it doubly hard because the vast majority of Listeria victims are not properly tested and no diagnosis of Listeriosis is made. “We will never know,” says Simon, “how many victims there were in this Blue Bell ice cream outbreak. All we know is that the problem is serious and shutting down operations and recalling all of its product was likely the prudent thing to do.

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