Blue Bell Listeria Lawyer: Testing New Product?

Listeria Outbreak from Blue Bell has new FDA reports
Blue Bell Listeria Lawyer

According to Blue Bell Listeria Lawyer Ron Simon, who appeared on CBS News, Fort Worth – Dallas last evening, the company is now producing some flavors of ice cream again, but not for sale to the public. The company is now producing the ice cream for testing and to see if they have finally managed to eliminate the Listeria infection that has plagued its facilities for as many as five years now. According to Blue Bell Listeria Lawyer Simon, cases that have been linked to this outbreak go as far back as 2010, and many hundreds of customers are now coming forward saying they too were sickened after consuming the product. The number of confirmed cases will likely not come close to matching the number who became sick because many of the victims will not have sought medical attention or not been properly diagnosed with Listeria.

Blue Bell Listeria Lawyer Ron Simon is currently representing victims int eh Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak, including two young girls from the Dallas – Fort Worth area. For more information or to speak to a Blue Bell Listeria lawyer, call 1-888-335-4901 or click here!


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