Boise Co Op Lawsuit – 200 Victims and Counting

Boise Co Op Salmonella Claim Center

The Ohio Central District Health Department (CDHD) has confirmed that more than 200 victims have been identified in the Boise Co Op Salmonella Outbreak linked to several deli food items common in sandwiches. So far, turkey meat, onions and tomatoes have tested positive for salmonella, but the list may grow. What is clear, and what will likely be the focus of many Boise Co Op Lawsuits, it that the contamination was wide-spread and enduring. Victims ate deli foods between June 1st and June 10th, though these parameters might grow, and ate a variety of foods. It is evident that, whatever the origin of the salmonella, the bacteria was allowed to grow and spread to other food items in the deli during this period, a strong indicator that there were significant departures from safe food preparation and handling guidelines.

It is also disturbing that there are so many victims. Salmonella Lawyer Ron Simon, who represents victims in the Boise Co Op Salmonella Outbreak, recalls another recent outbreak of this magnitude. “In 2013 we took the lead in Las Vegas where the Firefly, a tapas restaurant and bar, was at the center of Nevada’s largest food poisoning outbreak in history. There were also over 200 victims of salmonella, and the investigation also led to the discovery of significant departures from food preparation and handling guidelines.” Ron Simon also said that the Boise Co Op lawsuits will focus on discovering how the restaurant was contaminated and what led to the very dangerous spread of salmonella in the Boise Co Op deli that made so many victims sick.

The outbreak investigation is ongoing, and identification of additional victims is still likely. If you or a loved one would like to speak to a salmonella lawyer about what is involved in a Boise Co Op lawsuit or to file a claim, call Ron Simon & Associates at 713-335-4900.


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