Dalhart TX Salmonella Lawyer Representing Victims

TX Salmonella Lawyer
TX Salmonella Lawyer

In Dalhart Texas, and the surrounding areas, local and state health officials have been investigating a large number of salmonella cases. Most of the nearly 80 cases have been linked to Texas 10, or the X10 Steakhouse, in Dalhart, TX, where at least 57 victims have been identified as having salmonellosis after eating there at the end of last year into the first few weeks of this year. As Texas’ leading salmonella lawyer, food poisoning layer Ron Simon is representing victims in this outbreak. “We know the majority of the victims were infected directly from the Texas 10 restaurant, but there are also a number of victims in the surrounding area that were sickened but had no direct contact to Texas 10. It remains to be seen if more than one establishment was infected in this outbreak of salmonella food poisoning, or if other cases are secondary infections.” As a TX Salmonella Lawyer, Ron Simon notes that an investigation into such an outbreak can often take many months as investigators interview the victims, compile a list of all known food or source data, and then compile a list of probable sources based upon statistical analysis. During the remainder of this investigation, explained Simon, many of the victims will seek legal assistance to see if they can recover for the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, and for pain and suffering. “We are working with victims right now to pursue legal claims they might have,” says Simon, adding “for many of the victims, they just want to move on from this experience, but for us, the work is just beginning as we work with health agencies to determine just what went wrong that led to the illness of nearly 80 people in and around Dalhart Texas.” If you or a loved one has any questions, call one of the Texas salmonella lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates at 7,13-306-3880 or 1-888-335-4901


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