Dallas County E. coli Outbreak: Buffalo, Missouri

Oak Glen Food Poisoning
Oak Glen Christian Conference Center Food Poisoning Outbreak: At Least 47 Victims have been Identified from Various Other California Churches

Sierra Sanford’s 1-year old is now facing kidney failure, a serious and dangerous result of E. coli contamination. After two days in a local ER, he was air-lifted to Saint Louis for additional care. In addition to the 1-year old, another child, the first victim’s five year old, has also been hospitalized. The source, according to Dallas County health official, remains elusive. The county is testing the well water and considering other sources, such as food or animals. The e. coli lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates are monitoring the outbreak to see if a source is identified or if other victims are identified. For more info, call the E. coli Claim Center at 1-888-335-4901,


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