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High Hill Ranch E. Coli Claim Center
High Hill Ranch E. Coli Claim Center

According to health officials with the El Dorado County, a wave of recent E. coli illnesses have been linked to unpasteurized apple juice from High Hill Ranch in Camino, CA. So far, at least seven victims have been identified. The unpasteurized apple juice subject to the warning represents any unpasteurized apple juice purchased on or after October 6, 2015. The unpasteurized apple juice was sold by High Hill Ranch, which issued a voluntary recall after El Dorado County and Sacramento County health officials warned them of the link between the E. coli illnesses and their unpasteurized apple juice.

The E. coli victims were identified in Sacramento County by the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS). In post-infection interviews, investigators discovered that the victims had consumed High Hill Ranch unpasteurized apple juice in mid-October, and thereafter became ill with E. coli. SCDHHS then contacted the El Dorado County Environmental Management and Public Health of their findings. High Hill Ranch is in El Dorado County.

According to health officials, at least one of the victims had been hospitalized. None of the victims has developed hemolytic uremic syndrome at present, and no deaths have been reported.

According to E. coli lawyer Ron Simon, who has represented thousands of food poisoning victims, “consumption of unpasteurized products always bears some risk of bacterial infection. And while this is often a problem that makes the news with unpasteurized milk and cheese, there have been a number of high profile outbreaks of bacterial infection in unpasteurized juices.” If you want more information on an Unpasteurized Apple Juice High Hill Ranch Lawsuit or Claim, Simon has set up a High Hill Ranch E. Coli Claim Center that can be reached at 1-888-335-4901.


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