Karm’l Dapples Maker Recalls Caramel Apples after Bidart Brothers’ Apples are Implicated in Deadly LIsteria Outbreak

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Caramel Apple Listeria Lawyer

California Snack Foods, of S. El Monte, CA, has issued a recall of its caramel apples, or “Karm’l Dapples,” following the possible link between its product and a nation-wide outbreak of Listeria that has turned deadly – killing as many as five individuals. The Karm’l Dapples being recalled are dated with a “best use by” between the 15th of August and the end of November, 2014. The Karm’l Dapples were sold in single and three-pack containers, which includes nut, Rainbow Sprinkle, and crunch covered caramel, as well as both seasonal (Halloween) and regular packaging. And while the product is no longer on store shelves, the company is concerned that some individuals may still have Karm’l Dapples in their homes. The recalled Karm’l Dapples, which have been on the market since 1961, were sold and/or distributed in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

According to California Snack Foods, the impetus for this recall came when one of its apple suppliers, Bidart Brothers, indicated that this Listeria outbreak may be linked to one of its facilities that provides apples to California Snack Foods for making the Karm’l Dapples. These tainted apples could possibly be the source of the listeria that is now sickening consumers of caramel apples, or Karm’l Dapples.

As of present, at least 29 victims have been identified in 10 states, this according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC has been aggressive in this outbreak, even given the limited information it has, and warned consumers against consuming commercially produced and pre-packaged caramel apples. As a result, some companies who do not believe their product is implicated in this outbreak have attempted to assure customers that the wide-ranging warning should not dissuade consumers from purchasing their brand of caramel apples. Unfortunately, it remains uncertain how wide-spread the distribution of these tainted caramel apples has been, and just how many name brands will ultimately be implicated.

“Listeria is one of the most dangerous of the common bacterial food borne pathogens,” says Listeria lawyer Ron Simon who has represented thousands of food poisoning victims, including victims in this outbreak. Simon explains that “Listeria hospitalizes upwards of 80% of its identified victims, and in recent years has been linked to a number of deadly outbreaks and to both still births and miscarriages in pregnant women.” Ron Simon and the other Listeria lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates encourage victims of this outbreak to seek medical attention and to speak to a food safety lawyer about their legal rights. Attorneys at Ron Simon & Associates, who are representing victims in this outbreak, are available at 1-888-335-4901.


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