Red River E. coli Lawyer: 4th Victim

Red River E. coli Lawyer
North Dakota Department of Health Division of Laboratory Services - Microbiology

Epidemiologist Laura Cronquist, from the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH), has confirmed that there is a fourth E. coli case linked to the E. coli outbreak at the Red River Valley Fair in West Fargo, ND. She also stated that the agency was not pinpointing the source, only noting that each of the victims, all under 18 years of age, attended the Red River Valley Fair. As such, NDDH officials are requesting that anyone who attended the Red River Valley Fair and thereafter suffered from the symptoms of E. coli, or who were with someone who did, to fill out a health questionnaire. That health questionnaire can be found here.

At present, the manager of the Red River Valley Fair, Bryan Schulz, says that he is also unaware of where the E. coli might have come from and is waiting on the NDDH to issue its findings. Possible sources include a petting zoo or other contact with animals at the fair, a food vendor, or people getting E. coli on their hands from touching items contaminated with E. coli and thereafter consuming food.

The food poisoning lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates can be reached at 1-888-335-4901. If you or a loved one was sickened at the Red River Valley Fair, fill out the health questionnaire and then call to speak to a Red River E. coli lawyer at Ron Simon & Associates to discuss protecting any legal rights you might have.


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