Salmonella Outbreak Near Russellville, AL, Sickens a Dozen

E. coli O157:H7 vs. non-O157 STEC, What’s the Difference?
E. coli O157:H7 vs. non-O157 STEC, What’s the Difference?

The Alabama Department of Health (ADH) is now on alert after a dozen individuals have been identified as possible victims of a salmonella outbreak. So far, three have been confirmed as salmonella victims, one child and two adults, while another nine are under investigation. At least two of the victims were hospitalized, but all three are reported to be recovering from their illness.

Dr. Karen Landers, an Assistant State Health Officer, believes the ADH is close to identifying the entity at the heart of this outbreak (believed to be a single restaurant), and further believes the outbreak to have been contained. The ADH reported that the victims had been made ill last week, likely having ingested the salmonella laced food on June 4th or 5th in the Russellville area (about 100 miles North West of Birmingham, Alabama, close to Florence and Decatur, Alabama).

The ADH has not revealed the target of their investigation.

The salmonella lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates, who have represented thousands of salmonella victims, are also investigating, and interviewing potential victims in this and a number of other national salmonella outbreaks. Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon encourages anyone who has displayed the symptoms of food poisoning in the Russellville area in the last week to seek medical attention and get tested for salmonella poisoning. By being properly identified, each case enables the ADH to further their investigation and to make it easier for health officials to protect the community from further illness.

The salmonella lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates are also available to discuss the legal rights that salmonella victims may have.


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