Strawberries Imported From China Left 11,000 Germans Sick

Hepatitis A Litigation
Hepatitis A Litigation Ongoing - Imported Frozen Pomegranate Arils and Strawberries Cause Outbreaks

New updated report on two-year-old Norovirus outbreak.

In September 2012 Eurosurveillance reported the largest foodborne outbreak ever record in Germany, which lasted until October 2012. Norovirus was identified as the causative agent, according to the report.

390 institutions in five federal states reported nearly 11,000 cases of gastroenteritis. The majority of outbreaks came from schools and childcare facilities where supplies were provided almost exclusively by one large catering company. Analytical epidemiological studies identified strawberries as the cause. All institutions infected received their strawberries from one lot, imported frozen from China.

The outbreak was identified within a week and prevented more than half of the lot from reaching consumers.


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