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Sunny Side Childcare Lawsuit
Sunny Side Childcare Lawsuit

The Sunny Side Childcare Center, located at 3874 S Court St Montgomery, AL 36105 (the other location, on Norman Bridge Road seems unaffected at present), is at the center of an outbreak that has sickened at least 60 kids, with literally dozens of children going to Montgomery hospitals, this according to State Health Officer, Dr. Don Williamson. The reports coming out state that at least 50 kids were being treated at a special unit at Baptist South Medical Center. The spokesperson for the hospital, Public Relations Manager Merrill South, has confirmed that 8 kids have been admitted so far, but that this will grow. The kids are under 10 years old and suffering nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Other kids have presented to Jackson Hospital, a fact confirmed by Jackson Hospital Marketing Director Peter Frohmader. The belief is that this is a food borne illness outbreak. The Alabama Department of Public Health is currently investigating and testing the children’s stool.

Dr. Williamson stated that this “sounds like this could be associated with a meal, suggesting that this could be food borne illness which encompasses solid foods and liquids. There’s a lot of investigating to do.”

According to one parent’s account, “as we arrived, we saw trash cans all over the place, Kleenex everywhere and kids throwing up as they were walking out of the facility. . . . Now we’re here at Baptist South and you have over 40 to 50 kids who have had an outbreak of the same symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps and nobody knows what’s going on.” The parents also stated that they were required to wear masks when staying with their children in the hospital.

Thelma Thomas, the daycare owner, made a statement last evening to a local station, stating: “I am sorry, very sorry some of the children got sick and I am very concerned about them. I have been in business since 1974, the day care is a clean center, and we offer the best of food. This is a free summer camp to help keep the children off the streets and in a safe place. There were some teachers who were sick prior to today, the sickness started last week and I firmly believe this is a virus.”

Ron Simon and Associates are preparing the Salmonella Claim Center to talk to concerned parents about a Sunny Side Childcare Lawsuit.


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