Texas Salmonella Lawyer – X-10 Steakhouse

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Board of Health Performed Routine Inspections Found no Issues Related to the Cooking of Food Products

Local health officials were surprised when a large number of Salmonella victims began to appear in North-West Texas, but an investigation soon uncovered a common establishment that coincided with the incubation period an onset of Salmonellosis. Health officials at the county and state level, including the Texas Department of State Health Services, linked the Salmonella victims to the X-10 Woodfire Steakhouse, in Dalhart, Texas, located at 109 Cypress Lane in Dalhart. State investigators conducted a thorough investigation, including testing all of the employees. The restaurant, which is set to reopen today, has thoroughly cleaned and sanitized its premises and all employees who will be working will have cleared two stool tests. According to Texas Salmonella Lawyer Ron Simon, this outbreak appears to be a case of food borne illness following the collapse of safe and sanitary food preparation procedures. “In my experience as a salmonella lawyer, when this many patrons become sick, the cause often includes cross contamination and serious failures to enforce proper food handling and preparation.”

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