Two Deaths: Heritage Corner Lawsuits Likely

Heritage Corner Lawsuit

In a tragic turn for victims of the recent salmonella outbreak linked to Heritage Corner, a retirement facility with an adjacent daycare center, Ohio Department of Health officials are now reporting that two of the victims have died. So far, at least 18 residents of Heritage Corner have become ill, and the retirement facility has closed common areas, opting to provide meals to residents in to-go containers to be consumed in their rooms.

The Wood County Health District and the Ohio Department of Health have both been involved in the investigation at the Bowling Green health clinic following the outbreak that began in May. But so far, neither the health department nor the management of Heritage Corner Health Clinic have made any announcement as to the source of the salmonella. The investigation is ongoing.

Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon, who has represented thousands of food poisoning victims, says this is normal. “Health agencies often do not become aware of an outbreak until it has run its course, and if that is the case, often the food or product that was contaminated is no longer on the premises, making it very difficult to pinpoint the source. This is especially true in a closed environment like the outbreak of salmonella at the Heritage Corner Health Clinic, where all the victims lived in such close contact and shared so many of their meals,” said Simon.

If you or a loved one has any questions about this or any other salmonella outbreak, or how to go about a Heritage Corner lawsuit, call the lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates at 713-335-4900.


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