VR Green Farms’ Pine Nut Basil Pesto May be Linked to 2 Cases of Potentially Deadly Botulism


VR Green Farms’ canned products are now being recalled nation-wide due to the possibility of serious illness. Dr. Ron Chapman, the director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is cautioning consumers to stop eating canned foods from VR Green Farms because they may contain Clostridium botulinum (causing a condition known as “Botulism”), a deadly pathogen that can grow in foods that are improperly prepared and canned/jarred. At issue are VR Green Farms products like the Pine Nut Basil Pesto, which according to health officials may be linked to two botulism cases. One of those cases is believed to be in California and other in the state of Ohio. Along with the CDPH the US Food and Drug Administration (USDA) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) are investigating two cases of suspected botulism infections that are believed to be linked to consumption of the VR Green Farms’ Pine Nut Basil Pesto.

VR Green Farms, the California corporation in San Clemente, is cooperating with the investigation and is now recalling jarred food products that include Pine Nut Basil Pesto, Pickled Farm Mix, Old World Tomato Sauce, Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil, Tuscan Grilling Sauce, and Pasta Sauce. These VR Farms’ products are sold in “Old World Mason Jars” with the type of metal screw-on lids common of home-canned goods in recent decades. These jarred products do not have any used-by dates, and were sold either via the internet or at a VR Farms’ stand in San Clemente, California.

Unfortunately, the Botulism toxin is not readily noticeable, being tasteless, odorless, and invisible. If you have eaten these products and begin to suffer double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and dry mouth, and muscle weakness. If you evince any of these symptoms, the Botulism lawyers at Ron Simon & Associates encourage you to seek immediate medical attention.


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