Wild Gulf Amberjack Being Recalled by Harry’s Farmers Market: Ciguatera a Possibility

Amberjack Filet

Harry’s Farmers Market has formally announced that it is recalling Wild Gulf Amberjack fillets, Wild Whole Amberjack, and Wild Gulf Amberjack portions following the report that five consumers were made ill after consuming the product.  The Wild Gulf Amberjack was sold through the first half of March from Harry’s Farmers Market located at 70 Powers Ferry Road SE in Marietta, Georgia.  Ironically, this recall is being initiated prior to the identification of the particular pathogen that is causing the illnesses in the hope of preventing a wider outbreak.  According to food poisoning lawyer Ron Simon, this is how an outbreak should be handled, stating “too often, producers and vendors wait until they have all the facts and conclusive evidence that their product is cause in harm before they act.  This often means dozens, if not hundreds, of other consumers become ill before anyone takes responsibility.”

Amberjack is a common fish in the Gulf region, often served at restaurants and cooked in southern homes.  It has rarely been associated with major food borne illness outbreaks, though there are a few outbreaks on record where  Amberjack has been linked to ciguatera poisoning, though in these outbreaks victims usually consumed the fish raw.  Amberjack, like any fish, can easily become contaminated during production and handling when those who handle the fish fail to follow proper safe food preparation standards.  In addition to ciguatera poisoning, other common pathogen that might be implicated include salmonella, vibrio, norovirus, and E coli.

For more information about a Vibrio outbreak, a Ciguatera outbreak, or to speak to a food poisoning lawyer, call 1-888-335-4901.


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