Colorado Reports New Cases in Pistachio Outbreak

Colorado Cases in Pistachio Salmonella Outbreak
According to media reports, four Colorado residents have contracted outbreak cases of Salmonella linked to consumption of contaminated pistachios.

More Positive Salmonella Tests In Ongoing Pistachio Outbreak

According to a report published by a Denver FOX affiliate, at least four members of the same Colorado family have been diagnosed with Salmonella after reportedly eating Wonderful brand pistachios.

On March 9th, Wonderful Pistachios recalled multiple pistachio products marketed under the brand names Wonderful, Trader Joe’s, and Paramount Farms and distributed nationwide as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Peru. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially announced an ongoing outbreak of Salmonella Montevideo linked to consuming Salmonella-contaminated recalled pistachios the same day. As of March 7, 11 illnesses in nine states had been linked to the outbreak.

Colorado was not listed as a state with a confirmed outbreak case in the first CDC report.

The Wonderful Pistachios recall was not the first or the only pistachio recall announced during the month of March. In the next fifteen days, three different companies announced new pistachio recalls, and one expanded the recall it initially announced.

The additional pistachio recalls were announced by Texas Star Nut and Fruit Co. and Kanan Enterprises the day after the Wonderful Pistachio recall was announced. The Texas Star Nut recall was expanded on March 14th. Nine days later, fourth company, American Gourmet, announced a recall of roasted and salted pistachios.

Colorado: the Newest State with Pistachio Outbreak Salmonella Cases?

On Friday, March 25th, four Colorado residents tested positive for Salmonella. Mike Larsen, along with his girlfriend and his parents, all shared a bag of Wonderful Pistachios that his parents purchased in an Arvada Walgreens about one month ago.

Larsen’s case of Salmonella poisoning landed him in the hospital, where tests confirmed that he had a Salmonella infection. “I don’t know if you’ve ever had food poisoning,” Larsen said, “but it’s painful and this was about 10 times worse.”

The bag was one of the products listed on the Wonderful Pistachios recall list. Like many Americans, however, the Larsens had no knowledge of the ongoing pistachio recall. The family will take steps to remain more aware in the future. “It’s not something you research and it’s not something you look into, but maybe something that we want to glance at once a month now,” Larsen said.

CDC Warns of Increase in Pistachio-Related Salmonella Cases

Salmonella Pistachio Outbreak Timeline
Timeline for reporting and confirming cases of Salmonella infection.

Pistachios have long shelf-lives, and may not be eaten for weeks or months after purchase. The CDC warns that more outbreak cases – like the Larsens’ – may be confirmed in the coming weeks and months as people consume the stored nuts.

Further extending the timeline are the series of events that must occur before a given case is officially reported as part of an outbreak. The time from the onset of illness to confirmation that the illness is part of an outbreak can reach upwards of four weeks, as the CDC diagram below illustrates.

Confirmation of outbreak cases also involves extensive coordination between local, county, state and federal agencies. Oftentimes, more than one agency is involved at each level, creating the need for more logistical solutions.

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