Improve Your Hygiene and Food Preparation Practices

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Aside from reporting a case of food poisoning and keeping track of your own symptoms, it’s important to take active steps to improve your hygiene and cleanliness. For instance, washing your hands after using the restroom or before preparing a meal can prevent many cases of food poisoning. Furthermore, remembering to prepare raw foods and vegetables separately will help reduce instances of cross-contamination. There are many small steps we can all take to collectively create a healthier society.

When in doubt, your best bet is to contact your healthcare provider immediately if you are feeling ill. Even if it isn’t a serious situation, it’s better to take the precaution than risk your long-term health, especially since some cases of food poisoning can be severe. If your physician prescribes treatment, it’s vital to follow the treatment plan to completion, even if the symptoms alleviate. This will prevent possible complications and will protect those around you from becoming sick.

Since the symptoms of food poisoning will begin to clear within 12 to 48 hours, you have a rigid time frame in which to keep track of potentially serious complications and to contact your primary physician. If you see blood or mucus in your stool, if you’ve recently traveled to a foreign country, or if you are experiencing the symptoms of dehydration, contact a medical professional immediately.

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