Salmonella Lawyer: 20 Los Corrales Victims

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Board of Health Performed Routine Inspections Found no Issues Related to the Cooking of Food Products

Health officials from both Kenosha County Health Department (KCHD) and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WDHS) are currently investigating an outbreak of Salmonella in which nearly two dozen people have become ill after purchasing and consuming food from the Los Corrales Supermarket. According to KCHD’s Mark Melotick, an environmental manager, all of the victims report having eaten meat purchased from Los Corrales Supermarket. At least three of the victims, Amanda Acosta, Nick Jacquest and Michael Brown, recalled eating pork carnitas on May 10, one day before they developed symptoms consistent with Salmonellosis. Nick told a local reporter: “We all had fevers and it lasted all week, and then we went to the hospital with the kids. It just got pretty bad.” Both Nick and Michael report having children who ate with them on May 10th. They also became ill.

According to local reports, the meat has been pulled from the store. According to the KCHD, the source of the Salmonella is still under investigation. It remains to be seen if the Salmonella was introduced into the store by the pork supplier, which is one possibility, or introduced into the meat at the store due to improper personal hygiene or a failure to store, handle, or prepare the meat using proper food safety standards. “In either case,” says Salmonella lawyer Ron Simon, “we will hold Los Corrales Supermarket responsible for making its customers sick.”

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