Salmonella Lawyer: 30 Boise Salmonella Victims

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"All the water testing we've done in Hildale has been clean, so we're focusing all our efforts on contaminated food or exposure to animals."

According to the Idaho Central District Health Department (ICDHD), at least 30 victims have been identified in a Salmonella outbreak in and around Boise, Idaho. The ICDHD says the individuals were exposed to Salmonella tainted food between June 3rd and June 7th, but in keeping with policy have not revealed the name of the particular restaurant believed to be at the center of the outbreak. According to officials, the investigation is ongoing, indicating that the number of victims may grow as more information is gathered. Traditionally, it takes between one and four weeks for a suspected case of Salmonella food poisoning to be reported to local and state health officials.

At present, the serotype of the Salmonella outbreak, if known, has not been released. As soon as more dynamic testing determines the serotype and the DNA fingerprint of the Salmonella involved, it should facilitate determining how many victims there are – even if some of those victims live in another health department’s jurisdiction.

The ICDHD is reportedly working with the restaurant management to determine how to prevent such outbreaks in the future. “It is apparent,” says Salmonella Lawyer Ron Simon, “that there was a serious breakdown in proper food handling and preparation.” Simon, who has represented thousands of food poisoning victims, explains that there are well established food handling and preparation procedures in place in the industry to prevent such outbreaks. And the sheer magnitude of this outbreak, with at least 30 victims identified this early on, indicates that these policies and procedures were not being adhered to.

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