Salmonella Lawyer – Dalhart Ten Outbreak 42 Victims

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"All the water testing we've done in Hildale has been clean, so we're focusing all our efforts on contaminated food or exposure to animals."

The X-10 Woodfire Steakhouse Salmonella outbreak in Dalhart, Texas, has now grown to 42 confirmed cases with many more victims likely to have been sickened. The majority of the victims presented to Coon Memorial Hospital with symptoms consistent with salmonellosis, including vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, headaches and body aches, and nausea. And while authorities have yet to determine how the salmonella was introduced intoX-10 restaurant, the restaurant is undoubtedly the source of the illnesses given the number of victims that presented to that establishment in the days leading up to the onset of salmonellosis. Salmonella Lawyer Ron Simon, who has represented thousands of victims of food borne illness, and who is headquartered in Texas, explains: “The inspection of the restaurant by health officials, which came many days after the outbreak, did not find the salmonella bacteria in the restaurant at the time of the inspection. But this is common as most food borne bacterial outbreaks, with the contamination affecting only a single batch of food, are limited in duration . . . in this case, the food was served during a small window of time, but to enough people to likely cause hundreds of illnesses.” As is true in many outbreaks, only a small portion of the victims actually seek medical attention, and even fewer provide a stool test for proper diagnosis.

Salmonella Lawyer Ron Simon also noted that there are a number of other salmonella cases in the immediate region around Dalhart, including a spate of salmonella cases in and around Amarillo, Texas. And while it is too early to determine if there is any connection, health officials in the area are on notice. Reports include four Bushland students, with other individuals reporting throughout Potter and Randall Counties, who share a health agency.

Dalhart Ten, or X-10, reopened to the public on Thursday, February 19th, following closure to address the problem. After a thorough cleaning and sanitization, and when the crew were cleared following two consecutive clean stool tests Dalhart Ten was given the green light to reopen.


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