Positive Tests for Salmonella Contamination Prompt 10th Pistachio Recall of 2016

Pistachios pistachio recall recalled Salmonella Crescent Specialty Foods

Crescent Specialty Foods, Inc. announced a voluntary recall of one of the company’s products – 6 ounce bags of “Crescent Pistachio Raw,” UPC 8 95296 00103 5 – on Thursday afternoon. The pistachio recall was provoked by public health officials’ fear of Salmonella contamination.

Crescent Pistachios Test Positive for Salmonella, Spur Yet Another Pistachio Recall in 2016Crescent Pistachio Raw recall Salmonella after positive tests

The Everett, Washington Company announced the voluntary recall on June 16th after receiving positive Salmonella test results.

The recall followed testing conducted as part of a random and routine sampling program. The tests, which the recall notice states were conducted by an “FDA third party connected lab,” revealed the presence of Salmonella bacteria in the product.

Description and Distribution of the Product

Recalled products are labeled as “Crescent Nuts & Dried Fruits Pistachio Raw.” The nuts and dried fruits are packaged in a six ounce, clear plastic bag with the Crescent Nuts & Dried Fruits Pistachio Raw label, pictured above, attached to the product.

The recalled mix has the following UPC code printed on the attached label: 8 95296 00103 5 (as depicted in the image of a product label included in this post).

Crescent Pistachio Raw products were distributed to retail stores and online stores in Oregon and Washington between October 21, 2015 and May 2nd, 2016.

According to the Crescent Raw Pistachios recall notice posted on the FDA website, the recall is being made “at the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” The standard language included in voluntary recall notices on the FDA website indicates that the given recall is being made “with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration.”

This may suggest a reluctance on the behalf of the company to initiate the recall, or a higher likelihood than usual that the food is contaminated; at the same time, it may just be an inadvertent deviation from the industry standard. The variation is something to take note of, but is not conclusive evidence in any context.

No illnesses have been reported in connection with the product to date, and the root cause of the contamination remains unknown.

2016: The Year of the Pistachio Recall

The Crescent Specialty Foods pistachio recall follows at least nine other recalls of pistachios or products containing pistachios in 2016.

Wonderful Pistachios Recalled; Linked to Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Montevideo and Salmonella Senftenberg

Stephen Colbert Wonderful Pistachios Crescent Pistachio Raw recall Salmonella after positive testsMarch 9th marks the most most notable pistachio recall of the year: Lost Hills, California company Wonderful Pistachios recalled pistachios sold nationwide – as well as in Canada, Mexico and Peru – under three different brand names including Trader Joe’s and Wonderful Pistachios.

The brand, made famous by its advertising campaigns starring celebrities such as Stephen Colbert, soon found its products linked to a nine-state outbreak of Salmonella Montevideo by the CDC. The FDA, CDC, and multiple state health agencies engaged in active investigation of the outbreak, which involved two hospitalizations due to the severity of the outbreak victims’ illnesses, through late May.

Given the long shelf-life of pistachios and other nuts, if you have a bag of Wonderful Pistachios in your pantry, it’s well worth your time to make sure that it does not appear on the official FDA recall list

Taking the two minutes to avoid Salmonella poisoning may save you from experiencing the symptoms of salmonellosis, which typically include acute diarrhea (requiring hospitalization in Salmonella Senftenberg and Salmonella Muenchen outbreak at Wonderful Pistachios oversome cases), fever, and severe abdominal cramping; in severe cases, the bacteria may spread to the blood stream and other body sites, and can easily cause death if the person is not treated quickly with antibiotics.

If you do have a recalled container of pistachios, throw them away or return them to the place of purchase for a refund.

Additional Pistachio Recalls

  1. International Foodsource LLC (2/12/16): (aka Sam International & IFS) – Valued Naturals brand raw pistachio kernels recalled after random tests by FDA showed Salmonella in a package collected at retail; also includes bulk product brands
  2. Braga Organic Farms (2/1/16): Braga Organic Farms Raw Pistachio Kernels, Trail Mix and Nut Mix recalled after routine FDA testing revealed Salmonella in a one-pound package of raw pistachio kernels purchased online
  3. Lipari Foods, LLC (2/16/16): products distributed under following brands lue Goose Market, Hollywood Market, Market Fresh Fine Foods, Roger’s Foodland, Marv & Alison’s Marketplace, Long Lake Market, Martin’s, Holiday Market, The Purple Onion, Trentwood Farms, Angeli Foods, Market Square, Village Food Market, Martha’s Vineyard, Remke Market or as generic product without branding after supplier notified company of positive Salmonella test results
  4. Country Life (2/19/16): recalling shelled raw pistachios distributed in AR, CA, FL, IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, OK, SC, SD, TN, and WI through retail stores, mail order, and direct delivery initiated when testing revealed presence of Salmonella
  5. Kanan Enterprises (3/10/16): recall of natural in shell pistachios – potential contamination with salmonella. Third party supplier requested recall because product potentially contaminated with Salmonella
  6. Texas Star Nut & Food Co. (3/10/16): Nature’s Eats Natural Pistachios Kernels sold in Texas and Louisiana between 1/22/16 and 2/3/16 for possible Salmonella contamination
  7. Texas Star Nut & Food Co. Expanded Recall (3/14/16): The Austin, Texas-based company expanded their recall to include products sold nationwide under four brand names
  8. ALDI Inc. (3/17/16): recalling Southern Grove Survival Trail Mix due to possible Salmonella contamination on notification from the supplier
  9. American Gourmet (3/23/16): American Gourmet Roasted/Salted Pistachios recalled by the Vista, CA-based company for possible Salmonella contamination

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