Salmonella Lawyer: Kenosha’s Supermercado Los Corrales Sickens 70

Pork Carnitas Salmonella

According to the Kenosha County Division of Health (KCDH) at least 35 individuals have now tested positive for the same strain of Salmonella – further analysis has confirmed the same DNA fingerprint for each of the victims. The victims are part of a larger outbreak affecting at least 70 individuals who ate pork carnitas at the Supermercado Los Corrales on Mother’s Day of this year. As the individual victims presented for medical care, health authorities interviewed them and determined that Supermercado Los Corrales was at the center of the outbreak.

Health officials immediately sent an inspector who took food samples. These were provided to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, who tested the food gathered at Supermercado Los Corrales, including leftover carnitas sold at Supermercado Los Corrales on Sunday, May 10th. Testing revealed that this strain of Salmonella in the carnitas matched the strain in the cultures taken from reported victims. The samples were then transmitted to the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, who confirmed the Salmonella in the pork carnitas was a genetic match to the strain affecting the victims.

According to Salmonella Lawyer Ron Simon, “these sorts of large scale outbreaks linked to a particular restaurant are almost always tied to a series of serious departures from safe food handling and preparation guidelines.” Simon also noted, on a positive note, “that the one upside to outbreaks of this magnitude is that it does facilitate the process of tracing the source back to a particular product and preventing further injury to the public.”

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